About Cottages In South Devon

My name is Derryck Strachan. I live with family – Darcy (5), Louie (8) and Sarah – in Totnes in the heart of South Devon and I run a copywriting agency called Big Star Copywriting. I started Cottages In South Devon to give a personal view of what it’s like to live, work and holiday in South Devon to help people get a real flavour of the place and not just the usual holiday cottage blurb.

Your guide to South Devon

I’ve had a lot of experience with both cottages and South Devon. As a copywriter, I’ve written for several bookings websites offering holiday cottages in South Devon. I’ve worked on tourist initiatives such as the Devon Celebration of Food and as a marketing consultant for Ashburton Cookery School. I wrote the Devon section of the Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide To The UK so I travelled around the whole county and ate in most of the good restaurants here.

Renting holiday cottages in South Devon isn’t just for people from “up country”!

Believe it or not, even though we live here we also go on holiday in South Devon – as my daughter says “we live in your holiday” so why not? The beaches are amazing, there are some beautiful villages, awe-inspiring walks – especially the coastal path and the Moor – and some great places to eat out (always a favourite activity of ours). My wife’s family have a cottage in Hope Cove and we’ve rented holiday cottages in the area for our summer holidays. My funniest experience with this was renting a cottage in Modbury – it took 20 minutes to get there! How’s that for a staycation?

We also get out and about every weekend so we know the secret country routes, how to get off the beaten track, avoid the hotspots during the Summer months and where you can get a decent coffee – another recurring theme!

I hope you find CottagesInSouthDevon.com useful – if you like it, why not follow us on Twitter and let us know if there’s anything you want to know about and we’ll do our best to help.

Derryck Strachan