Cottages In South Devon – Waterfall On The East Dart

Waterfall on the East Dart, 3km north-west of Postbridge, Dartmoor .

Ben King writes for Cottages In South Devon about one of his favourite spots on Dartmoor.

There are still parts of Devon where you can experience a true feeling of ‘wilderness’ without actually straying too far off the beaten track. One of my favourite spots on Dartmoor is a beautiful waterfall in the headwaters of the East Dart, about an hour’s walk from Postbridge (on the B3212, central Dartmoor).

Walking On Dartmoor – Be Prepared

Experienced or not, it is important to take an Ordnance Survey map and compass for this walk, plus wet weather gear, food, water and your mobile phone, as the weather can change quite quickly high up on the moor. Park in the Postbridge Information Centre car park, put some money in the honesty box and go out of the gate hidden behind the information centre/toilets. Turn right and head NNW along the bridlepath, crossing a couple of small stone bridges.

Follow this path, with the East Dart river and flat marshland off to your right and you will see a couple of isolated houses (Ringhill and Hartyland) ahead and to your right. Go through a gate after 500m and follow the path ahead and left, gradually leaving the river behind you, over your right shoulder.

The path is less well-worn from this point onwards, yet it clearly follows an old stone wall to your immediate right. Within another 500 metres from the gate, there is an interesting circular boundary wall from an ancient settlement on the other side of this stone wall. On the O.S. map you will see that the path ‘ends’ at Braddon Lake, another 500 metres on, but continue up and over the hill in the same direction to visit a stunning waterfall, clearly marked on the O.S. map.

The East Dart Valley, 3km North West of Postbridge.

Allow about an hour to walk each way, plus plenty of time to explore the waterfall when you’re there, and you will get a proper wilderness feeling at any time of the year!

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