Cottages in Kingsbridge

Of all the charming towns you can visit during your South Devon holiday (and there are plenty) Kingsbridge is a pretty good all-rounder. Situated on the Kingsbridge estuary, which is unique in that it is not fed by a river but is instead made up of a series of submerged valleys, or ‘rias’. Geography aside, the estuary is stunning to look at, particularly if you can catch the sunrise or sunset, when the estuary takes on an almost ‘otherworldly’ quality. If you’re really lucky, you might see a vivid blue flash as one of the estuary’s kingfishers zaps past on the hunt for a fish supper.

Why book a cottage in Kingsbridge?

There are plenty of cottages in Kingsbridge available in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect one whether you’ve got the whole family in tow or it’s just you, your other half and the dog. There are also more cottages in South Devon to choose from in the outlying villages, such as West Charleton and Churchstow.

The town itself is relatively small population-wise, but it’s a very popular destination for visitors and its weekly markets are a strong draw for Devonians. Be sure to check out the fresh local produce on the farmers’ market on alternative Saturdays. If you’re looking for somewhere to just stroll and enjoy the ambience and natural scenery during your holiday then Kingsbridge could be the perfect destination. Though the town is popular with visitors from all over the world, it never really feels overcrowded, and its leafy surroundings framed by the estuary are a perfect antidote to sore eyes caused by looking at too much concrete and traffic for long periods of time.

Things to do

If you’re looking to take more of an active role in your surroundings, then there are a variety of water sports to take part in on the estuary, from sailing and kayaking to water-skiing and wakeboarding. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice wet behind the ears (and undoubtedly soon to be even wetter), you’ll find plenty of places to hire equipment and training as needed.

Consider yourself to be more of a land lubber? No problem, you can admire the estuary without getting wet while traversing one of the many scenic hiking routes in and around Kingsbridge. Take a stroll through some areas of town and you’ll find a selection of historic houses and buildings that give the town its unique character, some dating back as far as the 15th Century.

In the surrounding area you’ll find plenty to enjoy during your South Devon Holiday, with the wilds of Dartmoor, trendy Totnes and family-friendly Salcombe all close by.

If you do one thing…

Like it hot? Pay a visit to the South Devon Chilli farm and taste the searing heat of their speciality chilli – the Bhut Jholika.