Holiday Cottages South Devon

Cottages In South Devon - amazing beaches!Finding holiday cottages in South Devon is easy – there are several holiday cottage rental companies online with prices to suit almost any budget. Whether you’re looking for dog-friendly holiday cottages, a cosy home-from-home or a palatial cottage for a family gathering it’s relatively easy to find holiday cottages in South Devon to suit you.

What’s not so easy is to find out all the good and bad things about the area you want to rent in, and that’s where we come in! We’re out every weekend finding the best things to do so we can let you have the real inside track on the places you can rent holiday cottages in South Devon.

Whether it’s the worm charming in Blackawton or the Pirate Festival in Brixham, Cottages in South Devon is all about helping you get the most from your holiday – we love it down here and we want to share the little secrets and fun things to do that will help you enjoy your holiday even more. And who knows – you might even want to move down here (we did!)

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